Jake Broughton

Human being.
Doer of things.

About me

To put it simply: I'm a total geek.

And a workaholic. I've spent more than a decade developing a wide range of skills, including: web design, web development, server administration, graphic design, digital art, video editing, 3D modelling, and more. I've often been advised to specialize in one area, but I just didn't want to, so with grim determination, I pushed through literally thousands of hours of hard work and learning. I'm glad I did, because now I'm in the privileged position of being able to offer a high level of expertise in many areas of web-related services.

In the last few years I’ve developed a strong desire to create more than I consume - which is why I average around 65 hours of work per week, whether purely for my fulltime job, or when combined with my own projects and ideas.

Skills & experience

Frontend development

SCSS (Inuit.css)
JavaScript (jQuery)
Responsive design
Search engine optimization
Very clean & minimal code

Backend development

Apache, PHP, MySQL setups
WordPress theme & plugin development
Ruby on Rails applications
Linux server setup & administration
Version control with Git
API implementations

Web & Graphic design

Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator
Website concepts
Photo manipulation
Digital art & graphics

Other skills

Speedy workflow
Adobe Premiere
Attention to detail

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My portfolio

This is highly optimized Wordpress theme which I created for my brother's backpacker’s hostel in Belize, Central America. It features very clean markup (where possible), excellent SEO, social sharing features, responsivity, and performance optimization.

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"To the temple"

I painted this for fun using Photoshop and a graphics tablet. 60+ hours

This is a Wordpress theme which I created for my parents' holiday business in France. It features very clean markup (where possible), excellent SEO, responsivity, and performance optimization.

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The client required an application which would allow them to upload videos, and have those videos be displayed publicly. I built Rails based application which does just that: the admin interface allows the administrator to upload a video (where it's automatically converted into the correct format), and add information to it - such as title, description, tags, and thumbnail.

For the front end, I made use of Bootstrap for the layout, and VideoJS to allow the user to play the videos.

Unfortunately I can't link to the client's website, but a working demo is coming soon.

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